In October 2016 I went to a live event in Denver Co  I got to learn how to fly a drone. I hadn’t even seen one yet, I did get to fly one there and I love it so much I have always loved flying I got my private pilots license back in 2005 I logged 184 hours in the air it just got a little too expensive to keep flying so years later when I heard of this event I said I have to go and i\am glad I did I actually won a drone there a phantom 3 advanced it was awesome I have gone on to buy more, my current fleet is a phantom 4  PHntom 4 pro plus a Mavic pro and a inspire 1 with the x-3 camera and the z-3 zoom camera the x-5 camera and the XT thermal camera. I have over 30 hours of logged drone flight time. I went to the drone U fly-in in 2017 and then attended the SUAS level 1 certified thermographer class in December 2017 I am getting ready to attend the drone u fly-in 2018 and an infrared roof inspection class to better serve my customers. and the above picture is from the first Sky Eye Network drone flight instructor class.